Saturday, December 13

Next Steps Groups

Reunion group, group reunion, or Next Steps Groups. However you choose to call them, they're those small groups that meet regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly...) for spiritual support, sharing, mutual encouragement, and accountability. The newly formed 4th Day Team of the Wyoming Chrysalis Board would like to compile a list of Next Steps Groups that exist. So, if you belong to such a group, please send an e-mail to matt(at)skylakecenter(dot)org with the following:

  • Location
  • Time
  • Publishable contact info (aka info you don’t mind sharing with the world—we like to be safe!)
  • And whether your group has room for new participants or not

We’ll then create a list for folks that want to get involved with a group. For those interested in starting a Next Steps Group, be sure to attend the HOOT tentatively scheduled for April 4th.


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